1 Nissin Nissin Noodles From The Deep

2 ——– The Initial Material

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The name ‘Nissin’ originates as an abbreviated form of the expression 「日々清らかに豊かな味をつくる」, coined by company founder Momofuku Ando and representing his desire for the company. The expression can be loosely translated as “Day after day purely create great taste”.


Nissin Noodles is massive and has an equally massive fanbase and following. Their brand can be seen everywhere, from a 60-foor sign in the middle of Time Square to having a CG noodle stand in Final Fantasy XV. NGON created this piece to praise their lighter side of branding, poking fun with ‘Noodles From The Deep’ and ‘Noodles of the Sea’.

Nissin Food Products Co.

A Japanese food company that specializes in production and sale of convenience food and instant noodles.


The company was established in Japan on September 1, 1958, by the Taiwanese immigrant Momofuku Ando as Chuko Sosha. Ten years later, the company introduced the first instant ramen noodle product, Chikin Ramen (Chicken Ramen). Soon thereafter, the company name was changed to Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd. – 日清食品株式会社, Nisshin Shokuhin Kabushiki-gaisha.


1 ——– Branding

2 ——– Design + Art Direction

3 ——– Illustration – Stylised

9 ——– Artworking


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3 ——– Inspection

nike, ngon, manchester agency, 3D design

4 ——– The Acknowledgment List

nike, ngon, manchester agency, 3D design

Design + Direction + Illustration – NGON

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nike, ngon, manchester agency, 3D design
ngon, manchester agency, 3D design
nike, ngon, manchester agency, 3D design

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